SAP Activate Project Management

SAP offers certifications to Project Managers who lead multi-year ERP transformations. The current certification is SAP Certified Project Manager (C_ACT_2403). My online course, published by Udemy, helps Project Managers earn this certification.

This is a timely opportunity because SAP is ending its support for some of its core products, and organizations are planning transitions and upgrades to the new technology.

Take a look at the Program via the link under our promo video.


Agile to Agile

Agile to Agile” is published by the Agile Alliance, a partner of the Project Management Institute. This story is about an Agile team that found innovative ways to convince a skeptical organization to support an ambitious Agile program to transform their inventory workflows.


Life After Disruption

My piece “Life After Disruption” was featured in Quality Progress magazine, the flagship publication of the American Society for Quality. ASQ is a knowledge-based global community of quality professionals, with nearly 80,000 members worldwide.

This publication is about how disruptive technologies that start out as expensive and inaccessible to users become affordable over time and offer opportunities to transform business workflows in new ways.


The Million Dollar Email

The Project Management Institute published my article, “The Million Dollar Email,” a cautionary tale for project managers and their Sponsors not to cut corners on their due diligence simply to impress leadership with eye-catching predictions about their project’s value.

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