"Here is the simple but powerful rule...
always give people more than they expect to get."

Nelson Boswell

Olivier Poirot, CEO Elior North America
Olivier Poirot, CEO
"Umberto and his team - which he recruited - were successful at bringing real-world improvements to our organization."
Jennifer C. Bonilla, Graduate Faculty Arizona State University
Jennifer C. Bonilla, Graduate Faculty
"Umberto has a singular focus of collaborating with people to make their work lives better. It's what he loves to do!"
Yoindra Ramnarayan, CEO Deluxe Delivery Systems
Yoindra Ramnarayan, CEO
"Umberto was very professional in his approach and helped us to improve the articulation of our brand and capabilities."
Ronke Ekwensi, Vice President T-Mobile
Ronke Ekwensi, Vice President
"Umberto's professionalism and commitment helped make our partnership a success."

Dan Cole, Regional Vice President Swiss Post Solutions
Dan Cole, Regional Vice President
"As a Solutions Consultant, Umberto's expertise and experience lent credibility to our efforts, enabling us to book new business."
Terrence Barron, Vice President Morgan Stanley
Terrence Barron, Vice President
"Umberto is trustworthy, un-bureaucratic, always professional and prides himself on seeking out the smart solution."
Karima Wilkins-Smartt, Owner Smarrt Consulting
Karima Wilkins-Smartt, Owner
"I was always pleased with Umberto's work. He managed multiple stakeholders and sub-groups to help us reach our transformation goals."
Udit Sharma, Managing Director Accordion Partners
Udit Sharma, Managing Director
"Umberto took very well to Six Sigma and showed a real commitment to our customers, who were very pleased with our projects."
Christine J. Erna, Director TEC Mailing Solutions
Christine J. Erna, Director
"Umberto is a true professional client advocate. His proactive approach to improving relations and services is refreshing."
Anthony Vignola, Master Black Belt PricewaterhouseCoopers
Anthony Vignola, Master Black Belt
"Umberto did outstanding work, providing facts in a concise manner, which made it easy for decisions to be made."
Dax Alexander, Senior Director Life Sciences at tag
Dax Alexander, Senior Director
"Umberto's ability to manage and deliver complex projects on time and on budget has been an asset to his clients and employees."
Suzanne Morrow, Business Process Services Richo USA
Suzanne Morrow, Business Process Services
"Umberto's knowledge, work ethic, and ability to juggle multiple priorities have enabled him to be successful in any situation."
Diane Verderame, Operations Lead ZS Associates
Diane Verderame, Operations Lead
"Umberto is customer-focused, listening to concerns and incorporating solutions. He is creative and forward-thinking."
Vincent Noel, VP Strategy & Development HSHS Medical Group
Vincent Noel, VP Strategy & Development
"In entirety, Umberto has the ability, drive and energy to provide significant contributions to any person’s success."
Barry Watkins, Dir. Environmental Services Crothall Healthcare
Barry Watkins, Dir. Environmental Services
"Umberto never let me see him sweat, which gave me confidence that he and his team were capable of a productive working relationship."
Simone Salmon, CEO 2bFocused Inc.
Simone Salmon, CEO
"Umberto has the uncanny ability to make every person on the team feel valued. He motivates others to strive for better."
Jeff Schulz, Director Brickell Personnel Consultants
Jeff Schulz, Director
"Umberto is a talented team leader, bringing creative enthusiasm to the team every day and working to get the job done."
Paul Radloff, Board of Directors Venetian Arts Society
Paul Radloff, Board of Directors
"I relied on Umberto's judgment to help my team complete a launch successfully. He was a key contributor to our business goals."
Grace Norton, Registered Dietitian Sonder Health
Grace Norton, Registered Dietitian
"I had the privilege of learning from Professor D’Alessandro. He thoughtfully challenges students to expand their innovation mindset to finance."
Jerry Blakeslee, Principal Checkertail Consulting
Jerry Blakeslee, Principal
"Umberto utilized his Black Belt skills to improve the efficiency of processes and developed very effective relationships with his clients."
John Osborn, Owner Jayesso Enterprises
John Osborn, Owner
"Umberto's comfortable style puts others at ease, thanks in part to his excellent communications skills, especially his speaking skills."
K. E. Sloan, Relief Charge Medical City Healthcare
K. E. Sloan, Relief Charge
"Umberto brought value to my learning process through his passion, drive and positive contributions. He made learning finance fun."
Steve Innerfield, Managing Partner Shred Metrics, LLC
Steve Innerfield, Managing Partner
"Umberto has a keen ability to identify root business issues and 'put out fires' without getting distracted by the smoke and noise."
Vincent DaCosta, Director GitHub
Vincent DaCosta, Director
"Umberto's extensive knowledge with Lean Transformation and ability to connect it to Healthcare was very informative for our group."
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