"The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of
solidarity with other human beings."

Albert Schweitzer

I love what I do, but not because I like the work (which I do). I love what I do because I recognize an ethical mission in my profession:

To support people's quality of life by improving their work lives.

Projects are change. And when Leaders drive change, they assume responsibility for the people who are impacted by those changes.

That is why I care about the people who are impacted by my work. I look for the total value of change - not just for the business, but for everyone.

Umberto D'Alessandro



The best way to enhance value for increasingly diverse business challenges is to develop one’s skill set that nurtures inclusion, engagement and applying what we learn.

Umberto (Berto) D’Alessandro began his career on Wall Street and eventually joined the BPO service industry where he was trained by Master Black Belts to run Lean and Six Sigma project in the Finance, Legal, Consulting and Pharma sectors.

As Berto branched out to other industries, he grew his skillset to Agile (Scaled & Scrum), Waterfall, ERPs and PMOs. He is also a developer for Smartsheet PPM solutions.

In launching ACS, Berto brings his Transformation, Operations and Project expertise to apply the right approach to each goal and accelerate deliverables.

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